Full Bespoke Installation Services covering all your Wood Burner and Multi-Fuel Stoves needs in Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch

We have a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove to suit every customers need for warmth and style.

We are able to offer a bespoke service altering your fireplace, by raising lintels and widening your fire place, plaster work, laying hearths and fixing surrounds, or mantels all of which are made to measure. We aim to reproduce any look you may wish to compliment your stove.

We aim to reproduce any look you may wish to compliment your stove.

Our installation service caters for any fitting requirements you may need, relining of chimney or where there is no chimney a twin wall stainless steel chimney can be installed.

Our range of services cover every aspect of chimney maintenance from chimney sweeping to replacing chimney stacks, CCTV inspections and surveys.

Firepod Woodburner


All installations or work to a chimney are now notifiable to your local councils building control department. Therefore it is much easier to use a HETAS registered competent person who is able to self certify the installation.

HETAS are the official controlling body for multi-fuel appliances and associated equipment, much like 'Gas Safe' is for gas appliances.

Any complaints can therefore be directed at HETAS who can follow them up. Using HETAS removes any need for the homeowner to approach their council as the installation engineer does all of this as part of the job, thereby ensuring all building regulations are complied with.

Gas Safe engineers and Builders are not able to offer self certification for anything to do with solid fuel (chimneys, flues or stoves) without first contacting building control.

Part J Regulations Logo

Part J Building Regulations

The 2002 edition of Approved Document J of The Building Regulations stipulates that any work that affects an existing chimney now comes under building control.

This means any modifications or additions i.e. Fitting a stove (even replacing an old one), lining a chimney or modifying the existing design of a flue.

Insulated Flue Pipe

Insulated Flue Pipe

Generally insulated flue is used where a normal chimney does not exist.

Insulated flue pipe is otherwise known as twin wall insulated flue pipe.

Flexible Flue Liner

Flexible Flue Liners

We pride ourselves in giving a first class service using good quality materials at a competitive price. It is so important to install good quality flexible flue. We only use the very best.

Flaming Hot installations carry out the following work as standard on all flexible flue fittings.

  • Installing a fully clamped and supported liner mounted on a steel plate underneath the chimney pot.
  • Maintaining the Existing chimney pot where possible to ensure the look of the house is unaltered, usually with the addition of a Terracotta rain cap if required.
  • A register plate is installed to isolate the chimney cavity from the room, this ensures that even heavy masonry falling from the flue will not enter the room. This makes for an extremely safe installation.
  • The rigid fixing of every flue joint ensures that a seal is maintained and eliminates the risk of separation when cleaning or heat expansion.